I should have noted that "quitting" isn't always voluntary. I'm sorry that happened to you, but I love how you curated your skills and are making time for the fun stuff. Reinvention is continual, recovering from the trauma of the pandemic is ongoing too. Good luck to you!☘️❤️

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Feb 24Liked by Catherine H Palmer

Last year I was re-org’d out of my job and took a few months to evaluate my next move. I’m 51, so I’ve had a long career of doing interesting and not interesting things. I decided to simplify and scale back to a specific skill set, which means I took a pay cut. I’m a little bored and underutilized, but also realizing I have been burned out since working through the pandemic lockdown. I’m enjoying the simple work for now and have more energy to focus on my fun side projects in the margins. I won’t be here for long, but I’m glad to be here for now.

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