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Loving this pink bubble exercise…I know a lot of things that need to go outside that bubble!

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I love what you’re doing here with your Substack; thanks for creating this space and for sharing. I’m a fellow midlife reinventor. 😊

The coach in me can’t help but cringe at your coaching experience. In fact I read your essay last night and decided not to comment, but then decided to go for it.

Coaching, at least how I practice, shouldn’t take a deficit lens; instead I take the view that people are already whole. My job as coach isn’t to “fix” them, but rather to challenge perspectives and, importantly, bring frameworks and tools where relevant, to help them gain forward motion, whatever that may be for them.

Ok soap box aside: Many reinventions or personal transformations follow a similar arc and set of stages. William Bridge’s book, Transitions, is the classic book in this space; his framework is helpful for making sense and figuring out where you are in your reinvention. There are also different archetypes of reinventors, because people approach it different ways (eg reluctantly, serial etc) and at different points in their lives.

For example, all of my life I’ve been a serial reinventor. But my latest reinvention, which includes leaving corporate to launch a start up and a solo practice and moving from the UK to Provence (I’m American) has been a much longer period of reinvention because I first had to deal with recovering from burnout and other extenuating family circumstances.

At the risk of being viewed as promoting myself, you may find my articles helpful as well, because I’m writing almost exclusively about personal and professional transformations (with a sprinkling of Provence 😊). My latest on Your Inner Rebel or last week’s essay on Syllabi, Planting Seeds & Coloring Outside the Lines are probably the most relevant.

Looking forward to watching you grow this space!

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